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Preserving the Legacy of Putnam State Bank

As a tribute to the esteemed history of Putnam State Bank, adPharos proudly maintains this page, ensuring that the bank’s remarkable legacy remains intact. Established in 1988 in the charming city of Palatka, Florida, Putnam State Bank played a vital role in serving the financial needs of the local community for over two decades. While it underwent a transformation and was renamed Harbor Community Bank in 2012, we are dedicated to commemorating the bank’s achievements and safeguarding its online presence from any misuse.

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Community banks possess a unique ability to form meaningful relationships with the people they serve, offering personalized service and tailored financial solutions. At adPharos, we specialize in community bank web design and comprehensive online marketing strategies that allow you to unlock your bank’s true potential.

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Crafting Compelling Online Experiences

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Putnam State Bank
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